Flighted Ponds for the Evening

Evening flights at Findrack Sporting offer a serene yet thrilling duck shooting experience. As the Scottish sky dons its dusky hues, the flighted ponds become a stage for the age-old dance between hunter and fowl. The last rays of light glimmer on the water, signalling the time when ducks begin their evening flights, creating silhouettes against the twilight sky.

The anticipation grows as the darkness creeps in and the guns take their positions, their eyes scanning the horizon for the first signs of movement. The calm of the evening is a contrast to the day’s pursuits, bringing a different kind of focus and tranquillity to the sport. The flighted ponds are carefully managed to ensure a sustainable balance between sport and conservation, providing an ideal habitat for ducks and an exceptional shooting setting.

As flocks of ducks make their way to the ponds, the air fills with the sound of wings and the quiet readiness of the guns. The challenge is not just in the shot but in understanding the patterns and behaviours of the ducks as they approach. This understanding comes from the experience and knowledge that Findrack Sporting prides itself on.

The flighted pond shooting is a testament to the timeless allure of wildfowling—a sport that requires patience, skill, and a deep appreciation for the natural rhythms of the land. It’s an experience that stays with you, the quiet satisfaction of a successful flight mingling with the echoes of the evening’s last light.

Walked Up on Rivers

Walked-up shooting along the rivers at Findrack Sporting is an engaging way to experience duck shooting. It’s a more dynamic and exploratory approach, as shooters traverse the banks of the meandering waterways, alert to the rustle of wings and the sudden bursts of activity that signal the presence of ducks.

The rivers of Aberdeenshire, with their rich ecosystems, provide a natural corridor for ducks, making them an ideal location for this traditional form of shooting. The varying terrain demands attentiveness and agility, offering a more involved and active shooting experience.

Shooters are accompanied by experienced guides who understand the rivers’ intricacies and the habits of the ducks that inhabit them. This knowledge is shared with guests, adding depth to the experience and increasing the chances of a successful shoot.

The walked-up river shooting is as much about the journey as it is about the sport. It’s a chance to connect with the land and appreciate the interplay of water, wildlife, and hunters. The river’s rush, the birds’ call, and the sport’s fellowship all combine to create an unforgettable shooting experience.