Findrack Sporting Game Farm

Home-Reared & High-Class Bred Pheasants

At the heart of Findrack Sporting lies our esteemed game farm, where we rear and breed high-class pheasants known for their strength  and the quality. Our commitment to excellence begins with the meticulous selection of breeding stock, ensuring that only the finest genetic traits are passed down to future generations.

Our rearing fields are a blend of natural habitat and carefully managed environments, providing the birds with the space to develop their innate survival instincts and the ability to learn to fly. This attention to detail results in pheasants that are both strong and well-grown as well as hardened to the North East weather.

We adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare, with a dedicated team who oversee the health and well-being of our pheasants. Their expertise ensures that our birds are raised in a manner that respects their nature while preparing them for the nest chapter.

Our game farm is not just a facility; it’s a cornerstone of the Findrack Sporting ethos, embodying our dedication to conservation, quality, and the traditions of Scottish country sports. The pheasants we rear are a testament to our passion for the sport and our respect for the land and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Closed Flock

The principle of a closed flock is integral to the breeding program at Findrack Sporting. By maintaining a closed flock, we ensure biosecurity and genetic purity, which in turn leads to the development of stronger and more resilient birds.

This closed system protects our pheasants from external diseases and stresses, allowing us to manage their health and development without undue risk. With pheasants being moved all over the country the chance of disease increases so with selecting local bred birds reduces this risk.

Our closed flock is the product of years of careful breeding and selection, with each generation being a step towards perfecting the ideal game bird. It’s a long-term commitment that reflects our dedication to providing the best possible pheasants for shooting sports.

Shipped Around Scotland

Findrack Sporting’s reputation for quality extends beyond our estate, with our game farm’s pheasants being sought after across Scotland. We provide poults and full-grown birds to other estates and farms, sharing the excellence of our stock with the wider sporting community.

Our shipping process is carried out with the utmost care to ensure that the birds arrive at their destinations in prime condition, ready to thrive in their new environments. We coordinate closely with our clients to meet their specific requirements and schedules, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The birds that we rear and ship are ambassadors of Findrack Sporting, representing our commitment to quality and sustainability in game sports. Through our distribution of high-class pheasants, we play a pivotal role in enriching the Scottish country sports scene.

All Requirements Available

At Findrack Sporting Game Farm, we understand that our clients have diverse needs, and we are equipped to meet all requirements. Whether it’s providing birds for a single season’s sport or assisting in the establishment of a long-term breeding program, our services are comprehensive and customizable.

We offer consultation and advice on game farm management, drawing from our extensive experience to help clients optimise their own operations. Our team is available to assist with every aspect of game rearing, from habitat design to feeding programs and health management.

Our readiness to meet all requirements is a reflection of our flexible and client-focused approach. We are committed to supporting the country sports community, providing services that contribute to the success and sustainability of shooting sports throughout Scotland.