Simulated Shooting

May to September

As the vibrant spring blooms give way to the lush warmth of summer, Findrack Sporting unveils its simulated shooting season. From May to September, when the Scottish moors are at their most resplendent, guests are invited to indulge in the thrill of the shoot outside the traditional game season. This is a time to refine skills, enjoy the fellowship of like-minded enthusiasts, and revel in the sport’s essence without taking game from the land.

During these months, the estate is alive with the sounds of simulated shooting—echoes that resonate with the heartbeats of tradition and innovation. This period allows both novices and experienced shots to engage in a pastime that hones their reflexes and sharpens their eye, preparing them for the game seasons ahead.

The simulation is a meticulous replication of game shooting, designed to emulate the experience as closely as possible. Clays are released in patterns and trajectories that mimic the flight of game birds, offering a range of scenarios that challenge even the most seasoned shooters.

Drives in Fantastic Scenery

The simulated shoots at Findrack Sporting are not just about the sport; they are a celebration of the Scottish landscape’s breathtaking beauty. Each of the four drives per day is set against a backdrop of fantastic scenery, from the rolling hills and deep glens to the panoramic views that define Aberdeenshire.

Participants are treated to a visual feast as they transition from one drive to the next, each location carefully chosen to provide not only a sporting challenge but also a moment of awe. The estate’s diverse topography is used to its full advantage, creating an immersive experience that is as visually rewarding as it is exciting.

The drives themselves are crafted to simulate the unpredictable nature of game shooting. The clays burst from the heather and trees, replicating the exhilarating flush of pheasants and the rapid flight of partridges. Each drive is a new test, a fresh opportunity to experience the joy of shooting set against the canvas of one of Scotland’s most stunning estates.


At Findrack Sporting, simulated shooting days are social events that bring together 10 to 20 guns, fostering a sense of community and shared passion. The size of the group strikes a perfect balance, large enough to generate a buzz of excitement yet intimate enough to ensure individual attention and camaraderie.

The days are structured to accommodate the dynamics of the group, with experienced instructors and loaders ensuring that each participant, regardless of skill level, finds value and enjoyment in the day. The social aspect of these gatherings is paramount, with the buzz of conversation and the clinking of glasses echoing the shots themselves.

Groups are composed of individuals from all walks of life, united by their love for shooting. The shared experiences create bonds and memories that last beyond the season, reinforcing the social fabric that is an integral part of country sports.

Full Hospitality Experience

Full hospitality at Findrack Sporting means that every simulated shooting day is accompanied by the finest in Scottish culinary delights and comfort. The estate prides itself on providing a full hospitality experience that complements the day’s excitement.

Guests are welcomed with morning refreshments before the first drive, and the breaks between each scenario allow for delectable snacks and a chance to relax. Lunch is a grand affair, served in the estate’s lodge or in the field, offering a taste of local cuisine crafted from the freshest ingredients.

The hospitality extends to the end of the day, with post-shoot gatherings allowing for reflection and relaxation. It’s a time to savour the day’s achievements, enjoy the company of fellow shooters, and indulge in the warmth and generosity that is synonymous with Findrack Sporting.