Roe Deer Stalking

Roe Buck: April 1st – October 20th

The roe buck stalking season at Findrack Sporting, set against the idyllic backdrop of Aberdeenshire, begins on April 1st and extends through to October 20th. This period, when the countryside awakens and blooms into full splendour, offers a perfect setting for pursuing the roebuck, one of the most graceful denizens of the Scottish landscape.

As spring unfurls its greenery and the days lengthen, the roe bucks become more active, presenting unique opportunities for the stalk. This is a time for quiet contemplation in the early dawn light, for stealthy treks through dew-laden fields, and for the heart-stopping moment when a buck is sighted.

The beauty of roe buck stalking lies not just in the hunt, but in the communion with the awakening nature. The songs of the lark and the smell of fresh earth become part of the experience, as much a part of the stalk as the rifle and the binoculars. The month’s progress, each phase of the season offering a different aspect of stalking, from the velvet antlers of spring to the full-throated calls of the rut in late summer.

Stalking roe bucks at Findrack Sporting is an experience that combines skill with intimacy. The estate’s varied landscapes, from open fields and moor to dense woodlands, provide the perfect theatre for this subtle and engaging sport.

Roe Doe: October 21st – March 31st

As the vibrancy of the Scottish autumn gives way to the muted tones of winter, roe doe stalking comes to the fore at Findrack Sporting. From October 21st to the last day of March, the estate offers the chance to participate in the essential management of the roe deer populations through the stalking of does.

The stalking of roe does is a quieter, more measured pursuit compared to the buck season. It is a time of conservation and management, where each decision made by the stalker has implications for the future of the herds and the health of the environment.

During this season, the landscape presents a different face, often shrouded in mist or a blanket of snow. These conditions add a layer of challenge to the stalk, demanding a keen eye and a patient hand. It is a test of accurate marksmanship and understanding of the quarry.

The quiet of winter stalking has its own appeal, with the stark beauty of the land offering moments of reflection. The roe does, with their gentle demeanour and keen senses, are a worthy focus of the stalk, ensuring that the sport remains sustainable and respectful.

Hill and Woodland Stalking

The terrain of Findrack Sporting is ideally suited for both hill and woodland stalking, offering a full range of experiences for the roe deer stalker. Hill stalking provides vast vistas and challenging shots, where the wind and the lay of the land play pivotal roles in the success of the hunt.

In contrast, woodland stalking is an intimate affair. It requires stealth and a deep understanding of the woods’ secrets. The whisper of leaves, the crack of a twig, or the fleeting shadow in the underbrush are all part of the language of woodland stalking.

Whether on the open hill or in the close quarters of the woods, stalking at Findrack Sporting is a dance of patience and precision. It’s a pursuit that rewards the quiet observer, the careful planner, and the respectful hunter.

Medal Buck Stalking

For those seeking the pinnacle of roe buck stalking, Findrack Sporting offers the opportunity to hunt for medal bucks. These specimens embody the perfection of the species, with impressive antlers and a regal bearing that sets them apart.

Medal buck stalking is a challenge that combines all the skills of the stalker with an added element of rarity. These bucks are elusive, wise to the ways of the woods, and tracking them is a privilege that few experience.

Pursuing a medal buck is the essence of game stalking, a testament to the sport’s rich tradition and the deep connection between hunter and land. It is an endeavour transcending the shot itself—it’s about the pursuit of excellence and respect for the quarry.