The Season

The grouse shooting season at Findrack Sporting is a time-honoured tradition, commencing with the famed Glorious 12th of August and continuing through the heather-clad months until December. This period is steeped in Scottish heritage, offering a shooting experience that is as challenging as it is prestigious.

As the summer wanes, the moors of Findrack come alive with the rich colours of blooming heather and the distinctive call of the red grouse. The air is charged with anticipation as guns from across the globe gather to partake in a sport synonymous with Scotland’s wild beauty. The unique atmosphere of the moors, coupled with the unpredictable Scottish weather, makes each outing an adventure.

During the season, the estate resonates with the echoes of tradition and the shared joy of guns and beaters alike. Each day is a fresh opportunity to immerse oneself in the raw and exhilarating experience of grouse shooting, a challenging test of skill against the backdrop of some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country.

The Glorious 12th

The Glorious 12th marks the start of the grouse shooting season and is a date etched into the heart of every game shooting enthusiast. At Findrack Sporting, this day is celebrated with reverence for the sport’s rich history and commitment to its sustainable future.

The day begins with the sun rising over the purple heather as the estate awakens to the bustle of preparation and the palpable excitement of the guns. The day’s rituals are observed with precision and passion, from when the first grouse breaks from the heather to the last echoes of gunfire as dusk falls over the moors.

The Glorious 12th is more than just an opening day; it symbolises the shooting community’s connection to the land and the cycle of the seasons. It’s a time when the camaraderie of the sport is at its peak, as old friends reunite and new acquaintances are formed, all drawn together by the allure of the grouse.

Findrack Grouse

The grouse that roam the Findrack moors are a testament to the untamed spirit of Scotland’s natural landscape. Wild and wily, these birds are renowned for their fast flight and the sport they provide, which many consider the pinnacle of game shooting.

At Findrack Sporting, we manage our moors with a dedication to conservation and gamekeeping excellence, ensuring our grouse populations thrive. This commitment to habitat management results in strong, healthy birds that challenge even the most experienced of shooters.

The red grouse, with its rich russet plumage and quick, darting movements, offers a sporting challenge that is both rare and coveted. The Findrack experience is defined by the quality of the grouse shooting, ensuring that each guest leaves with memories of the sport at its most authentic and exhilarating.

Driven Days and Walked-Up Shoots

Findrack Sporting offers both driven and walked-up grouse shooting experiences, catering to the preferences of every guest. Our driven days are the ultimate test of marksmanship, as coveys of grouse are driven over the lines by a team of skilled beaters.

The excitement of a driven day on the moors is unmatched. The sound of beating wings, the sight of grouse flying low and fast over the heather, and the steady work of the dogs all contribute to a symphony of sporting excellence. The drives are strategically planned to provide the most challenging and rewarding shooting possible.

For those who prefer a more personal encounter with the moor, our walked-up shoots offer the chance to engage with the landscape and the quarry more intimately. It’s a day spent walking the undulating terrain, flushing birds, and enjoying the sport in its most traditional form.


Hospitality at Findrack Sporting is rooted in the finest Scottish traditions. Our guests are treated to a full suite of amenities, from gourmet meals featuring local ingredients to our estate lodge’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Findrack experience is as much about comfort and camaraderie as it is about the sport. We believe that the moments of leisure and relaxation are essential to the full enjoyment of the shoot. Our hospitality team ensures that every detail is attended to, allowing our guests to focus on the joy of the sport and the beauty of the surroundings.


To complement the shooting experience, Findrack Sporting provides top-tier transport across the moors. Our gunbus is specially equipped to handle the rugged terrain, ensuring our guests travel safely and comfortably to and from the shooting grounds.

The journey through the estate is an experience, offering panoramic views of the Scottish countryside and the opportunity to reflect on the day’s sport. The gunbus is a place of rest and anticipation, where stories are shared, and friendships are made, all while traversing the majestic landscape of Findrack.