Fishing at Findrack Sporting

Sourcing Fishing on the Dee and Don

Findrack Sporting is your gateway to the finest fishing experiences on the renowned rivers of the  Dee and Don. As these rivers meander through the breathtaking landscapes of Aberdeenshire, they offer anglers the chance to engage with fishing in its most pristine form.

Sourcing fishing through Findrack means access to the choicest beats on these storied rivers, known for their crystal-clear waters and runs of salmon and sea trout. We liaise with local estates and fisheries to ensure that our guests have the opportunity to fish in the most productive and picturesque locations.

Our service includes up-to-date information on river conditions and fishery reports, giving you an informed start to your fishing excursion. We understand the nuances of each beat and work to match our guests with the fishing experience that best suits their skills and preferences.

Whether you are a seasoned angler seeking the thrill of the chase or a beginner eager to learn, Findrack Sporting provides an unparalleled service to ensure your time on the Dee and Don is memorable. With our guidance, you can immerse yourself in the art of fly fishing in some of Scotland’s most legendary waters.

Ghilling for Your Day

At Findrack Sporting, we offer professional ghillie services to ensure that your fishing day is both successful and enjoyable. A ghillie is much more than a guide; they are custodians of the river, with an intimate knowledge of the waterways and the life that teems within them.

Our ghillies are handpicked for their expertise, local knowledge, and ability to provide instruction in casting techniques, water reading, and fly selection. They are companions in your fishing adventure, offering support, insight, and the occasional tale of the river’s lore.

With a ghillie by your side, you gain access to the best fishing spots and the wisdom to confidently approach each cast. They are adept at tailoring their support to your needs, whether you require patient instruction or expert companionship.

The value of a ghillie cannot be overstated. They enhance the fishing experience by providing a link to the river’s rhythms and the subtle interplay between angler, fly, and fish. At Findrack Sporting, we ensure that your ghillie is not just a guide but a key to unlocking the full potential of your fishing day.

Trout Lochs

The trout lochs of Aberdeenshire are a hidden gem within Scotland’s fishing scene, and Findrack Sporting is your guide to these tranquil waters. The lochs offer a peaceful retreat for anglers, where the only ripples are those of rising trout and the gentle cast of a line.

Our trout fishing service provides access to private and secluded lochs, where the beauty of the landscape is matched only by the quality of the fishing. These waters are carefully managed to ensure a healthy ecosystem and a sustainable fish population, providing excellent opportunities for both bank and boat fishing.

We cater to all levels of experience, from those seeking the serene enjoyment of fishing in solitude to the more sociable family outings. The lochs are teeming with brown trout, and for the avid fly fisherman, there is the added challenge of catching the elusive and spirited wild trout.

Findrack Sporting’s trout lochs are a haven for anglers looking for a more contemplative fishing experience. Here, amidst the call of curlews and the whisper of the wind, fishing becomes not just a sport but a meditative escape.