When the heather is in full bloom, and the Scottish moors are brushed with the vivid colours of late summer, the partridge shooting season at Findrack Sporting begins. Starting in September, when the air carries the first whispers of autumn, and continuing through to the frosted days of January, this season is a cherished period for those who appreciate the finesse of field sports.

The early days of September offer a gentle warmth, perfect for the sport’s opening. As the season progresses, the landscape transforms, revealing the rugged beauty of Aberdeenshire’s winter—a beauty that only enhances the experience of the shoot. Each month brings its character to the sport, and at Findrack, we embrace the changing seasons, ensuring that our guests find joy in the field, no matter the weather.

Driven Days

Our driven partridge days are a testament to Findrack’s commitment to classic field sports. With offerings of 100 to 200 birds per day, shooters can immerse themselves in the thrilling and traditional form of partridge shooting that has been enjoyed for generations.

The driven days are not just about the number of birds but the quality of the sport. The landscape of Findrack is uniquely suited to partridge shooting, with its rolling hills and deep valleys providing the perfect terrain for challenging and exciting drives. The sound of the game call, the sight of partridges bursting from cover, and the camaraderie among the line of guns create an atmosphere that is both exhilarating and timeless.

Mix Days

As the season matures into October, Findrack Sporting introduces mix days to the calendar. These special days offer a dynamic blend of pheasant and partridge shooting, providing a varied and challenging experience for the guns. The mix days celebrate the best that Scottish game shooting offers, with each drive carefully planned to maximise the sporting potential of the estate’s diverse habitats.

The mix of game provides a delightful uncertainty, requiring versatility and adaptability from the shooters. It’s a day where the sport’s unpredictability is part of the allure, demanding sharp skills and creating a buzz of excitement amongst participants as they navigate the day’s diverse offerings.


At Findrack Sporting, the partridge shooting experience is complemented by full hospitality, ensuring every guest feels valued and well-cared for. From the welcoming morning tea to the sumptuous meals prepared by our chefs, every detail is designed to offer a taste of Scottish tradition and luxury.

We understand that the moments shared around the dining table are as important as those spent in the field. The lodge becomes a place of warmth and storytelling, where the day’s adventures are recounted with laughter and good cheer. Our hospitality is integral to the Findrack experience, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our guests’ visit.


To facilitate a seamless shooting experience, Findrack Sporting provides our specialist gunbus transport. Designed to navigate the rugged Scottish terrain, our gunbus ensures that guests are transported in comfort and style from one drive to the next.

The gunbus is not just a practicality but is a part of the day’s social fabric. Here, guests can mingle, discuss tactics, and enjoy the estate’s scenic beauty as they move across the landscape. The journey between drives is an opportunity to relax, reflect, and anticipate the challenges ahead, with every detail managed to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our guests.