Findrack Sporting is nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire; the pheasant shooting season at Findrack Sporting is eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts worldwide. It commences in October, a month painted with the golden and amber tones of autumn leaves, and extends through the depth of winter until January. This period is a time for sport and witnessing the dramatic change of seasons in the Scottish countryside. The air is crisp, the mornings are often greeted with a delicate frost, and the days are ripe for the tradition and camaraderie that define the essence of the shoot.

During these months, the estate becomes a vibrant hub of activity. Shooters of all levels gather, drawn by the reputation of Findrack’s challenging sport and the beauty of its landscapes. The anticipation builds at the break of dawn as the mist lingers over the moors and the sun begins to crest the horizon, signalling the start of another memorable day in the field.

The season’s schedule is meticulously planned to ensure the sustainability of the sport and the conservation of the land, adhering to strict regulations and ethical standards. It’s a time when traditions are honoured, friendships are forged, and stories are made. Each day concludes with a sense of accomplishment, regardless of the weather or the bag count, because at Findrack Sporting, the season is about more than just the shoot; it’s about the experience.


The pheasants at Findrack Sporting are a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition. Our birds are hand-reared on the estate, allowing for a life that is as natural as possible, contributing to their vigour and the sport’s authenticity. The rearing process is an art, ensuring that once the birds take to the skies, they present the most challenging and rewarding targets.

Our pheasants are accustomed to the heather-clad hills and the dense woodlands, which makes for an unpredictable and exciting flight pattern. This enhances the sporting challenge and ensures a more fulfilling experience for the gun. The dedication to their upbringing is evident in these birds’ robust health and survival instincts, making them a fitting symbol of Findrack’s sporting heritage.

The care for our pheasants extends beyond the rearing process. The estate’s gamekeepers are stewards of the land and the wildlife, managing habitats to create an environment where pheasants can thrive. This holistic approach to game management ensures a sustainable balance between sport and conservation, allowing us to offer shooting opportunities that are both ethical and exhilarating.

Driven Days

Driven shooting days at Findrack Sporting are the pinnacle of the shooting season, offering discerning sportsmen and women the opportunity to engage in a traditional and prestigious form of the sport. Our driven days are designed to cater to varying levels of experience and preference, with the number of birds ranging from 120 to an impressive 300 per day.

The excitement of a driven day begins long before the first bird is flushed. The coordination of beaters, the management of the dogs, and the strategic positioning of guns all contribute to the intricate dance of a driven shoot. The air is filled with anticipation as the beaters advance, pushing the birds over the guns, creating a spectacle of sound and motion.

The success of these days is a blend of careful planning, expert marksmanship, and the seamless teamwork of all involved. The estate’s landscapes are used to their fullest potential, creating drives as beautiful as they are challenging. The camaraderie among participants is palpable, with each drive adding to the day’s shared memories.

After the excitement of the shoot, there is a moment of reflection. The game is collected, and there is an appreciation for the sport and the birds providing the day’s sport. It’s a time-honoured tradition that respects the quarry and the land, ensuring that the legacy of shooting at Findrack Sporting is preserved for future generations.

Mini-Driven & Walked Shoots

At Findrack Sporting, we understand that variety is the spice of the shooting life. That’s why we offer mini-driven and walked-up days, catering to those who prefer a more intimate shooting experience. These events are tailored to the number of guns present, ensuring a personal touch that enhances the day’s enjoyment.

Mini-driven days provide a more relaxed atmosphere without sacrificing the challenge and excitement of traditional-driven shoots. The smaller scale allows for a closer bond among participants as you move together through the estate’s varied terrain, engaging with the landscape and the sport on a more personal level.

Walked-up shooting is for those who relish the journey as much as the shooting itself. It’s a more active pursuit, with guns walking through the fields and flushing the birds. This type of shoot demands a keen eye and quick reflexes, offering an enriching experience that combines the thrill of the hunt with the satisfaction of physical exertion.

Each shoot is conducted with the utmost respect for the countryside’s rhythm and balance. They offer a different perspective on the sport, one more in tune with the subtleties of the natural world. Whether you’re a seasoned shot or new to the sport, our driven and walked days are designed to provide a fulfilling and memorable experience.


The essence of Scottish country sports extends beyond the field; it’s about the warmth of the welcome and the quality of the hospitality. At Findrack Sporting, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of hospitality options that reflect the traditional Scottish experience.

You’re enveloped in the estate’s hospitality from the moment you arrive. Mornings may start with a steaming cup of tea or coffee in the lodge and a brief on the day’s activities. The atmosphere is understated luxury and comfort, designed to put you at ease and prepare you for the day ahead.

Lunch is an affair to remember, often served in the field. It’s a chance to relax, refuel, and share the morning’s tales with fellow guns. Our menus are crafted to showcase the best of local produce, combining traditional Scottish fare with a contemporary twist.

After the day’s sport, the hospitality continues. You might find yourself in front of a roaring fire, with a dram of fine Scotch whisky in hand, discussing the day’s best shots. It’s a time for laughter, reflection, and relaxation, as the shoot experience is rounded off with impeccable service and convivial company.


For those requiring it, Findrack Sporting offers specialist gun bus transport to ensure your journey across the estate is as comfortable and convenient as possible. The Scottish terrain can be challenging, and our transport is equipped to handle it easily, allowing you to conserve your energy for the sport.

Our gun buses are more than just a means of transportation; they’re part of the day’s experience. They provide a space for guns to interact, share stories, and enjoy the estate’s stunning views as they move from drive to drive. Safety, comfort, and convenience are our priorities, ensuring that every aspect of your day is catered to with the highest level of care.