Red Deer Stalking

Stags: July 1st to October 20th

Findrack Sporting offers an exceptional red deer stalking experience during the stag season, which runs from July1st to October 20th. This period marks a time of majestic transformation in the Scottish Highlands as the red deer stags, crowned with impressive antlers, become the emblem of the wild and untamed spirit of the land.

Stag stalking is a pursuit that calls for stealth, patience, and respect for the animal and the environment. The stalkers at Findrack are seasoned experts, guiding guests through the rugged terrain with a deep understanding of the red deer’s habits and habitats. The thrill of the stalk is matched only by the breathtaking scenery of Aberdeenshire, from the heather-clad hills to the ancient forests that whisper tales of bygone hunts.

The pursuit of stags at Findrack is conducted with the highest ethical standards, ensuring that the sport’s integrity and the health of the deer population are preserved. Each outing is an immersion into the essence of traditional Scottish stalking, offering a challenge as rewarding as it is responsible.

The stag season at Findrack is not only about the pursuit of deer; it’s an experience that encapsulates the heritage of Scottish stalking. It’s a time when the stalker’s skills, the rifle’s precision, and the landscape’s grandeur come together in a harmonious and exhilarating blend.

Hinds: October 21st – February 15th

Following the stag season, Findrack Sporting’s focus shifts to the hinds, with stalking opportunities available from October 21st to February 15th. This period offers a different kind of challenge, as the landscape dons its winter cloak and the red deer hinds graze the moors in search of sustenance.

Hind stalking is an essential part of deer management at Findrack, ensuring the health and balance of the red deer population. The sport requires a different approach than stag stalking, with an emphasis on conservation and population control. Stalkers and guests work together to select the appropriate animals, always with a mind toward the future of the species and the land.

The winter months bring a stark beauty to the Scottish Highlands, and stalking hinds allow guests to engage with this beauty in a profound and meaningful way. The crisp air, the silence of the snow-covered hills, and the camaraderie of the stalk create a mosaic of memories that endure beyond the season.

Hind stalking at Findrack Sporting is a testament to the estate’s commitment to sustainable and ethical hunting. It offers guests a chance to contribute to the stewardship of the land, participating in a tradition that is as old as the hills themselves.

Traditional Hill Stalking and Woodland Stalking

Findrack Sporting embraces the rich traditions of Scottish deer stalking, offering both hill stalking and woodland stalking to guests. Hill stalking is the quintessential Scottish experience, taking place amidst the open expanse of the highlands, where the red deer are kings of the landscape.

The challenge of hill stalking lies in the elements and the terrain. Stalkers and guests must navigate the undulating heather and peat hags, often in changeable weather, to find their quarry. It is a physical and mental test that rewards patience and perseverance with unrivalled satisfaction.

Woodland stalking provides a contrasting experience. Here, the stillness of the forest and the play of light through the trees create an almost mystical setting for the stalk. The woodlands demand different skills, emphasising quiet movement and keen observation.

Whether on the hill or in the woodland, stalking at Findrack Sporting is conducted with a profound respect for the quarry and the environment. It is a sport that fosters a deep connection with nature, offering a pure and unadulterated experience of the ancient art of stalking.